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Dedicated Husband & Star Wars Fan Walks 650 Miles to Comic-Con As Stormtrooper

San Diego is one the largest events in the Comic-Con circuit. Thousands of people who attend these events dress in costume, but at this year’s event one man stood out in particular. Kevin Doyle attended and walked 645 miles to this year’s con dressed as a Stormtrooper to honour his late wife Eileen.

Eileen was only 45 when she passed away from a fight with pancreatic cancer in 2012. Doyle explained to The Coast News that he completed the walk in memory of his late wife, and to raise funds for “Eileen’s Little Angels”, the children’s cancer foundation he started in her name.

Eileen and Kevin were definitely huge Star Wars fans. When Kevin proposed, he had dressed in a full Darth Vadar costume and had R2-D2 serve as the ring bearer at their nuptials.

“Doing the walk down the West Coast in armour was really the only choice I had,” Doyle stated to The Coast News.

“We were both Star Wars fans. She was a self-proclaimed geek and I was the dork. We were OK with that,” explained Kevin.


The trip had taken over a month to reach the Con. Doyle began his journey at the Star Wars Museum the Rancho Obi-Wan in Northern California on June 6th. He found his way to downtown San Diego for on July 9th for the San Diego Con.

While on the 645 mile walk, he withstood California’s summer heat waves, huge downpours when the weather turned to rain, and he also needed to shimmy cautiously alongside a cliff side prior to reaching his destination.

The moment he managed to make it, Doyle had been welcomed with a standing ovation by Star Wars panel which included Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher. Mr.Doyle has definely shown the World his love for his wife and Star Wars. We’re sure this will be another Con story that is shared for years to come.

Kevin Doyle 2015 San Diego Comic Con


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